Knitting Projects for Summer 2017 Trip to Glasgow and Newcastle-Gateshead

So, a few years back, I wrote down a number of knitting projects that I was particularly interested in doing – I think I may have finished 3 or 4 – que sera sera…

This summer, on our travels, I plan to carry my knitting and crocheting tool kit and my colored pencils & watercolors. Otherwise, I will have to buy what I need while across the pond.

In the interest of  being organized, here is that list again, with links and details…

Plus… newly found ideas and projects!

Original List

Lilaceous Shawl – by Derya Davenport, Winter 2012 – at least 500m of very light weight yarn (suggest mohair, but it makes me itch)

(c) Derya Davenport from

Good Day Sunshine Shawl – by Amanda Bjørge, Spring+Summer 2012 – (suggested yarn: Knit Picks Shadow Tonal Lace Yarn [100% merino wool; 440 yards per 50g skein]; color: Golden Glow; 1 skein)

(c) Amanda Bjorge from

Anjeli – by Angelika Luidl, found on Ravelry – yarn weight 50g = 125m, need 200g

(c) Angelika Luidl from Ravelry


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