LCHF Eating in Newcastle – plans for Summer 2017 – Tapas at El Coto

So, I feel like I need to start making some concrete eating plans for our trip to Glasgow and Newcastle/Gateshead – I’ll flip these into FlipBoard, but I need to park them here in order to do that.

I hope to use these ideas to see how well being LCHF (low-carb high-fat) or at least LCMF (low-carb moderate-fat) goes whilst in Scotland and England

 Tapas Frias, Panes y Ensaladas – Cold Tapas, Breads and Salads

Aceitunas (V) — Green queen olives

Aceitunas marinadas (V) — Black & green olives marinated in lemon, garlic & red chillies

Tomate aliñado (V) — Tomatoes with an olive oil, chopped garlic & parsley dressing

Queso manchego (V) — Manchego cheese drizzled with olive oil

Boquerones con tomate aliñado — Unsalted anchovies and tomatoes with an olive oil, chopped garlic & parsley dressing

Sardinas con alcachofas — Sardines marinated in basil oil served with artichokes

Tapa de jamón y queso — Plate of serrano ham and manchego cheese

Ensalada verde (V) — Salad of mixed greens dressed with olive oil

Jamón serrano — Spanish serrano ham

 Tapas Calientes — Hot Tapas 

Pimientos del piquillo con pescado — Sweet and spicy piquillo peppers stuffed with fish

Chorizo frito — Chunks of chorizo sausage fried with garlic & white wine

Puntas de solomillo al queso azul — Medallions of pork tenderloin in a creamy blue cheese & mushroom sauce

Gambas al ajillo — King prawns fried in olive oil with chillies & garlic

Champiñones al vino blanco (V) — Mushrooms sautéed in olive oil, garlic & white wine

Pollo al ajillo — Chicken sautéed in olive oil with garlic, parsley & white wine  

Pollo pepitoria — Chicken in a creamy tomato sauce

Morcilla con tomate — Spanish spicy black pudding in a tomato sauce

Albóndigas en salsa española — Home-made lamb meatballs in a Spanish sauce


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